Bazaars Of The Twin Cities

Charminar-Laad Bazaar

This is the oldest commercial area in the Twin cities. It is a traditional place for silversmiths, Pearl sellers, and Bangle sellers. We also get Gun-Metal articles. Charminar is also a place for the Kite festival during which you will literally find all the shoppers selling the Kites. Lad Bazaar for Hyderabadis is not just a bazaar, but is a tradition which they have well preserved. It is as old as the history of the city itself. Its features are mutli-faceted; and its colour and charm are as fascinating as its antiquity. Also known as Hyderabad’s bridal bazaar, Lad Bazaar ahs much to offer a visitor – right from its dazzling exterior to the pitiable constraints its inhabitants have to face. Lad Bazaar is a place of endless movement and of different flavours. Double-storeyed structures standing on either side of a narrow stretch of road framed between Charminar and the Mehboob Chowk are full of colour and buzzing with commercial activity – throughout the year. The street has a number of names such as Chudi Bazaar, Joda Bazaar, Judwa Bazaar, Meena Bazaar, Murga Bazaar and so on; and each owes its allegiance to a section of it, depending on the items it sells.



This is a all-in-one shopping area..very busy throughout the year. We don't need to specify what you get here because you will find everything under the sun.


This is a highly crowded bazaar.The crowd here itself describes quality, quantity and the satisfactory prices of the goods sold here. This is a wholesale market which is the sourceplace for almost all the other local retail shops.


One of the contemporary shopping places, these places have some of the biggest Jewellery shops of the Twin Cities. These places also have clothes shops catering for people from all walks of life from the very rich and elite to the very common man. Abids also has a line of shoe shops.


Secunderabad-general Bazaar

Mention any merchandise or goods, any marketable commodity, in fact, and you are sure to land it here. In fact, that is precisely why it came to be known as General Bazaar. This is the famous General Bazaar. Like the Hussain Sagar that joins the two cities, this stretch welds up two worlds, so to say.


These two areas the major entertainment centers with more than 15 theatres screening the latest Telugu movies. Apart from that just like Koti, Chikkadpally is also a all-in- one shopping center.


Monda Market, situated in a building that was once a jail ,Near the R.P Road is this biggest vegetable market of the twin cities. The market deals with both whole sale and retail selling of the vegetables.


Shopping malls Of The Twin Citites

Hyderabad has some big shopping malls and stores that offer an international shopping experience. Western outfits, Jewellery, designer wear, perfumes, accessories and all the big international brands are available. Watch out for sales which are held every now and then, to pick up stuff at great price offers.


Hyderabad central

Location:Panjagutta cross-road,
Panjagutta Ameerpet,


Location:kundanbagh,Begumpet road,
Tel.No:- 23296516,23297626



Location:Saptagiri Towers,

Shopper's Stop

Location:Street No 3,
Tel.No:-(enquires) 23389711/12/13 , Tel.No:-(Reservations) 23389717/23389727


Location:Municipal No-5-8-62, Fateh Maidan Road,
Khan Lateef Khan Estate,


Maheswari Palace Mall(MPM)

Location:Wallaee Street GPO,
Tel. No:- 23372429/30

Swapnalok Complex

Location: SD Road,
Secunderabad HO,



Location:6-3-883,Begumpet Road,



Location:5-10-194,Hill Fort Road,

City Centre

Location:Road No. 1 Opp Taj Krishna,
Banjara Hills,

Brand Factory

Location:1.Near taj mahah hotel,
2.jubliee hills,


Speciality shopping-a tourist delight

Bidri :

Take a look at the enduring black beauties of Hyderabad. Whether it be ornaments or daily utility items, Bidri work brings to it an unmistakable splendour carried down the ages.

Kalamkari :

Mythology and mystery come alive in the laborious and colorful Kalamkari work, practiced in two styles, the Machilipatnam and the Kalahasti
Nirmal : Take delight in the lacquered woodwork of Nirmal toys, wall hangings and other decorative articles.

Kondapally Toys :

Figures of people and animals come alive in the beautiful toys from Kondapally, a heartwarming attraction for us all .

Pearls :

Probably the most beautiful gift of the sea to mankind, the pearl artisans of Hyderabad have been using this unique creation of the oyster to beautify their ornaments for centuries.

Lac Bangles :

The captivating charm of these glass and lac bangles of the Old City make them the most admired ornament of a bride-to-be.

Banjara Mirror Work :

The simple yet beautiful mirror work of the local banjara gypsies are a tribute to creativity. They offer clothes and other cloth products in a riot of colors.

Leather Puppets :

Fashioned out of pure leather the puppets of Andhra have been narrating mythological tales to rural folk for centuries.

Silver Filigiri :

Silver Filigiri work marries elaborate designs with the molten white sheen of the metal, making every item something to treasure.

Ikat Fabric :

Distinct from the Ikat fabrics of North India, this indigenous variety of the craft combine an intricate technique with spelendid artistry of form.

Himroo :

A traditional occupation of Andhra Pradesh, Himroo weaving is today a rare occupation of a few select artisans in the Old City of Hyderabad.

Handlooms :

These colorful and splendorous creations born in the state are a tribute to Andhra history to the woman.

Perfumes :

The sweet smell of Old Hyderabad, perfumes from here are famous all over the world. Choose from the hundreds of exotic blends or concoct your own.

Others :

There is literally no end to the variations of handicrafts you can find in Hyderabad, apart from the above specialties. Get know more about Brass Work, Sculpture and more.


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